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The Changes I’ve Seen

Throughout My Years of

Working from Home

In this issue we feature “Work at Home” Guru, Holly Kile,

hope you enjoy the article as much as we enjoyed speaking

with her.

I have worked frommy home for over three decades – yikes,

that’s a long time. When I was an employee of a software

company located 2,500 miles away, I had a remote office,

based in my home, that I worked from when I wasn’t on the

road calling on prospects. So when I ventured into the world

of entrepreneurship 13 years ago, that same home office

became my headquarters.

Here are some changes that I’ve noticed in my years of

working remotely:

• Some people advise that you should dress up and put

your make-up on in order to be more productive in your

remote office. That’s never been the case for me; I believe

it’s a mindset issue. So I LOVE my days of working as long

as I want in my bathrobe and not putting make-up on for

the day. What’s changed however is the availability to do

video conferencing. Bummer – now I have to get ready

to be SEEN on a call!

• Technology improvements have made working remotely

more productive. When I first started working from

home, we had to call someone, from our land line, to

collaborate with them. Imagine that – actually talking

voice to voice! I appreciate the convenience of emailing,

texting and the Internet in general, which has made it

much more efficient to collaborate and communicate.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the danger of the kitchen…

calling my name to come get a chocolate when I’m

procrastinating or conversely, when I’m finished with a task.

Actually, come to think of it, I don’t need a good reason to

head to the kitchen – I’m on my way there right now.

I hope you obtain valuable information to help you work

remotely in this issue. Also be sure to view IT expert,

Jeanne DeWitt’s video on Toledo BizTV Shows, How To Keep Productive When Working Remotely.



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