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What Does It Take To

Soar to Success

The three traits that Holly looks for in her

clients that will ensure their ability to ‘Soar

to Success’ are, Drive, Coachability and

Communication Skills.

She first looks for that individual that has

the drive and the determination to do the

work necessary to succeed. Growing a

business is work; it’s not all fun and games.

Holly quickly quipped that she likes to have

fun, but stated that there’s a time for that.

Number two is a willingness to be coached.

According to Holly, she can gauge a person’s

coachability even in a discovery call when

she sometimes has to give them a dose of


Shewatches their reaction to her comments.

If they aren’t coachable and open to

considering that their idea may not work,

they probably won’t soar to success.

Number three an understanding of the

necessity for two way communication. Holly

learned this especially during her time as a

virtual assistant. A VA is really a part of their

team and if somebody is going to grow they

need the support from everywhere and

so having a VA, a coach, and a mentor and

being able to communicate with all of them

is super critical.

We are putting out more information

about the mechanics of growing your


It has taken a lot of mistakes and

experience to get to the level Holly has

taken her business.

It all started when she was working with

other entrepreneurs, who were very

much like her. They were running their

businesses, but constantly spinning their


They could find a virtual assistant, but it

would take 90 days to understand how

best to work with each other.

Kile had the idea to provide a resource

that would shorten that learning curve.

She began to put together the programs

and resources that would allow

entrepreneurs to grow their business

more rapidly.

There are many business people that

get so caught up in the everyday minutia

that they forget to look at their

overall vision andwhat makes

them the most money. They

need to do the important

income earning jobs and

leverage an assistant’s

time for the jobs that

do not make them


As she works

with clients



has become



m e n t o r

and gets a

t r emendous



s a t i s f a c t i o n

when her client

has an AHA



| AUGUST 2015 |