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Today, we as business owners and our employees are working remotely more often, whether

it’s on the road or from home. When many people think of remote working, they imagine a

person lounging on the couch in their pajamas with a laptop. Does this vision stir up images

of productivity? I doubt it. That’s why it’s important to instill the proper habits when working

remotely. Here are some simple tips.

1. Keep the same routine as when you go

into the office.

Would you go to the office

without brushing your teeth or combing your

hair? Probably not. Believe it or not, it’s not a

good idea when you’re working remotely either.

Sometimes the simple act of preparing for your

workday just like you were going into the office

can put you in the right frame of mind to work.

2. Designate an office or workspace.


to work while sitting on your bed or lounging

on the couch can be a recipe for a productivity

disaster. Instead, try designating a specific

space where you work every day. It can be

as simple as a desk set apart from the rest

of your living spaces, but just make sure it’s

not cluttered with non-work items and that it’s

properly lit and comfortable.

If you’re working from a public place try using

headphones to help drown out the noise so you

can focus.

3. Stay connected to your team.


cloud computing has made it unbelievably

easy for remote workers to stay connected

to the office wherever they are. When your

staff is connected to your business this way,

it will strengthen their relationship with other

employees and the organization as a whole.

Generally speaking, more connected employees

are more productive ones.

4. Have a normal work day.

When you work

remotely, the line between work and personal

life blurs more than ever.



| JULY 2015 |

Core Business Strategies


By Jeanne DeWitt

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