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| JULY 2015 |

Personal Growth Strategies

Do You Have

An Attitude of


An attitude of gratitude can change

everything! Most people know it is good to

be grateful, but many don’t understand how

it can change your life!

When we express gratitude our energy

shifts. It puts us in harmony with God, the

provider of all of our supply! Good things

move towards us! Remember to focus on

the best of everything. Look for the good in

every situation you encounter.

I have created a habit of starting my day with

gratitude and ending my day with gratitude.

If a problem arises I step back to look at it

and wonder, is there good in it?

I sometimes even think … now this is

going to make a great video!

Be sure to watch my video series for all the

lessons I’ve worked through, you may find

some inspiration from my experiences.

When things are not going the way you

think they should be going… STOP! Think

about what you are grateful for! Sometime

for me, it is simply gratitude that I can get

out of bed.

When I first got divorced I got a sign that

said, “When you change the way you look at

things, the things you look at will change.”

You’ve probably heard that before, right?

At the time, I wasn’t even quite sure what

that meant. I have a better understanding

now that I am growing up.

I have more insight into the power of my

thoughts and beliefs!

What can we do when we get into a funk?

You can move out of it quickly if you have a

plan for how to keep a positive attitude.

For example, create habits that are uplifting,

such as, think of 10 things that you are

thankful for.

By Rochelle Forrest