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Move From C



Recently I was in a conversation with some Indy BizTV

Shows® hosts about the topic of “being too controlling.” It’s

an unfortunate side effect of perfectionism, an ailment that

I am now consciously aware has been a lifelong tendency

for me. Many perfectionists work hard to maintain control

of situations, work and other people.

Being too controlling is something that CEO/Presidents

running small businesses cannot afford to BE. When we

are, we alienate people, harm relationships and work too

hard trying to get everything done by ourselves. The state

of being overly controlling can be overcome by choosing to

change ones thoughts and actions. It’s not easy, but is a

challenge worth pursuing.

Last Friday, we released a video on the topic of delegation by

Dave Roemer, Business Coach and show host of Accelerate Your Business, Get Into Action. He tells a great story of moving from being too controlling to delegating and then on to empowering. You can watch it now on Columbus BizTV Shows® .

It’s a progression through the alphabet from C (controlling)

to D (delegating) to E (empowering). Just let go and give

other people an opportunity to learn and grow. Follow

Dave’s steps to success.

Enjoy the upcoming month and think about what you are

doing that may be controlling and how you could give up

some control to soar to success!


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