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| JULY 2015 |

Personal Growth Strategies

Stop Putting Yourself Last:


Do you often put the rest of the world before

yourself? Does your day run out of time

and you realize that even if you conquered

your to do list, your me time that you keep

promising yourself somehow got left out?

We are all guilty when it comes tomaking sure

that we slate out quality time for ourselves;

especially when we rapidly add to our to-do-

list faster than we take things away.

We all want to make sure that we are being

a great spouse, an accommodating parent,

a helpful family member, quality employee,

and caring friend…but what happens when

we are all of these things to everyone else

and then it is time for bed and we forgot to

implement some time dedicated ONLY to


When all of us get situated on a plane and

prepare for take-off, we are undoubtingly

going to be told by a flight attendant, “in

case of an emergency, put your mask on first

before attempting to help those around you”.

This reminder is helpful with our everyday

lives, we need reminded that we are not going

to be as helpful and maybe not even helpful at

all if we do not take care of ourselves before

attempting to care for others.

When we are tired, drained and exhausted,

or even discontent because we are lacking

the things that give us joy, peace, fulfillment,

and relaxation--it is extremely difficult to be

at our best at home or work.

Sowhatdoesitlooklikeforyou? Implementing

exercise, journaling, daily meditation or yoga,

reading, swimming, watching your favorite

TV show or walking your dogs? Whatever

it is, you truly should commit to schedule

these things, even if it’s scheduled for only

10 minutes a day. The rest of your schedule

should revolve around the “me time” that you

promised yourself because if you think you

are going to complete all of your tasks and

go through your day and assume,

“if there

is time left then I will focus on myself”

-- it

probably won’t happen.

By Deitra Hickey, PhD

“Me Time”