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| JULY 2015 |



Zarzar has been a long-time member of the

National Speakers Association, as well as being

a past president of the Ohio Chapter.

She recalls it took five years to complete the

requirements to become a Certified Speaking

Professional, the highest earned designation in

the National Speakers Association (NSA) and

the Global Federation of Professional Speakers

(GFPS). Having received her certification in

2005, she is one of only 400 women in the world

currently holding that designation. She is now an

Emeritus Member of NSA and continues to serve

the Ohio Chapter by participating as a faculty

member of the Ohio Speakers Academy.

Zarzar strives continuously to improve her

own self-development and to understand why

people are the way they are. She has thoroughly

studied metaphysics and the energy transfer

between speakers and their audiences.

Through this study, she realized a


significant truth.

“We are all part of nature full of positively as well

as negatively charged ions. We communicate in

sound waves and have our own particular spin

that we put on daily life, based on our calibration

and unique vernacular.”

At higher vibrational levels, speakers

communicate much

more effectively than at

lower levels. Lillian coaches speakers on how to

increase those levels by organizing their thoughts,

having a defined message and delivering it with

clarity so their audience remains engaged.

Before she can help clients, Lillian takes time to

learn their passions and unique messages. She

believes strongly in creating an individualized

program to help each client build or craft their

presentation. Each message should be clearly

defined, then delivered with the correct words,

phrases and tonal quality.

The more clearly defined and delivered, the more

likely the message is understood.

Thus, Zarzar has found that the message is

actually the key ingredient. The best speakers

have a particular message of which they are