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What Does It Take To

Soar to Success

We asked Lillian the question we ask all of our

featured experts, “What does it take to soar

to success in your field? “ She feels the three

components most important to “soar to success”

as a speaker involve: the Thought, the Word and the


The first connects to belief. She looks for individuals

who believe in themselves and their own messages

they wish to share with others. She states, “The

thoughts you design, create, and develop, build

your own belief system.”

The second relates to inspiration. Audiences can

be captivated by the spoken word and the method

in which it is spoken. The greatest orators are the

people who use words successfully to inspire their


The third reflects tenacity. Perseverance of both

thought and continuous action manifests what they

want to achieve as they impart their wisdom to

audiences. Tenacity and constant attention to the

craft of speaking by the development of a clear

message are necessary elements to refine the skill

of public speaking.


| JULY 2015 |



Lillian can be contacted by phone

at 614-486-5523, via her website:

, or an email to


She has presented corporate trainings in the past

where the participants weren’t excited to hear her

presentation. “They were required to attend and

were resentful from the beginning,” Lillian explains.

The challenge then became connecting to them.

She did so by asking questions and engaging in a

dialogue to find out what their issues were and why

the training was important to them.

“Sometimes people feel as though they are ‘sent to

be fixed’!” she says, so she asks pertinent questions

to help them pick up the ideas and strategies she


Lillian’s involvement in the Columbus community

includes participation with the Synergy National

Networking group as Director of E-Learning

and Director of the Polaris Chapter. She is also a

member of the National Association of Women

Business Owners (NAWBO).

Additionally, every year she assists the Latina

Mentoring Academy, a division of the Central Ohio

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, with the design

and delivery of presentations.

Currently, Lillian is involved with LIFE Leadership,

an organization devoted to delivering life-changing

information to individuals determined to empower

themselves by investing in self-development and

assisting others in personal growth.

As for leaving a legacy, Lillian anticipates that she

has inspired people to speak their truth without

fear and to appreciate the life they created on their


To quote from her book

Apple-osophy: Slices of

Apple-Inspired Wisdom,

“Living is a process that can

unfold randomly or be crafted

with inspiration.” The same

can be said of speaking!