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Welcome to the June issue of

Soar to Success


In our continual quest to bring our readership the best

information and business knowledge, this issue is

jam-packed with tips to help your business


to the

Clouds. Articles with core business strategies, personal

growth strategies and business acceleration strategies are

included to help you meet your business challenges and


Jack Klemeyer

is featured on the cover

. Jack is

well-known for his humorous, yet informative talks that

cover every aspect of business. His own experience has

helped him develop a successful business coaching

enterprise that can help you “Grow Your Business.”

In the spirit of continuous improvement,

Soar to Success

is constantly striving to improve our product; this month

our focus was on design changes. In fact, recently I was

reminded of a valuable lesson that many entrepreneurs,

including myself, struggle to fully embrace. We recently

produced a video for

The Merit Group t

hat encourages

entrepreneurs to look at their time and concentrate on

the parts of their business that produce the greatest

return for the time spent. Many instances can be cited

where business owners become too involved in routine

non-revenue producing items or spend time doing

something that they are not BEST at that could be

delegated to employees or outsourced.

This lesson became very clear to me when we completely

outsourced the design of this issue of

Soar to Success.

The result is a magazine that I believe looks more

professional than our earlier attempts and the time savings

has allowed me to put more attention on important tasks

related to growing my business ventures.

We hope you enjoy our new design and that our

informative articles help your business, “Soar to Success.”

Be sure to take advantage of the multi-media aspect of

this digital publication by clicking on the provided links to

videos, websites and social media platforms.

Enjoy the upcoming month and think about what you are

doing that you could outsource or delegate!


Editor’s Message

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