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ack Klemeyer is a veteran business coach, consultant, and

speaker, fondly known as

the guy to know when you want

to grow your business

. He is the founder of Grow Your

Business (GYB) Coaching;

a company specializing in helping

solopreneurs and small business owners attract more clients,

grow their business, and live the prosperous life they deserve! He

has personally coached more than 1,000 people from employees

to company owners, as well as, entrepreneurs and small business


Jack’s business revolves around

coaching, writing and speaking


He travels throughout the United States delivering high


educational, inspirational and humorous talks and programs. His

commitment to providing excellence in every aspect of his work has

resulted in his being named one of the Top 50 Business Connectors

in Indianapolis.

His Passion Started When He Was Young

Jack’s great-grandfather, his grandfather, as well as, his father

were all business owners. Growing up, he learned what proper

support and a succession plan could mean for a family business.

His family operated a lumber company for 30 years. When his

grandfather died unexpectedly without a succession plan, a huge

family fight ensued for control. Jack’s father was 30 years old at

the time and needed advice, but there was no one to turn to. That

is why Jack has such a strong passion to help business owners. He

provides an ear to listen to their problems and sometimes a swift

kick in the butt to help them select the correct course of action.




The Guy To Know

When You Want To

Grow Your Business



| JUNE 2015 |