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His Coaching Career Began While Working For

State Farm

Jack previously worked for State Farm; he was

successful as an agent and was soon promoted

to management. He was tasked to work with 35

agents in an area that had the highest average

income in Indiana, but was not producing at

acceptable levels. The management of the

company had ignored them and they felt they

didn’t have a voice within the company or anyone

with which to discuss their problems. Jack stated,

“We found that simply by listening to them and

providing support, their business skyrocketed. I

loved this new position and it turned out that I was

good at it.

It was a win-win.

That is what led me

to coaching full time, because I enjoyed it and was

good at it.”

Coaching Fits His Personality

Jack loves to see people succeed.

He especially

enjoys clients who will run through a wall. You

know, those hard workers, who will make 100

calls and not ask why! They just do the work! He

gets enjoyment by seeing those people thrive and


When a client tells him an idea they are thinking

about trying, he parrots it back to them and

many times, they are amazed that they even

thought of that idea. Then he asks them

how they can change it and improve

it? They dig deeper and reconsider

their proposal and may even take a

different, more sustainable, course

of action. Klemeyer said “That’s

what I enjoy the most.”

On How to Select a Business Coach

With the multitude of business coaches available

today we asked Jack to explain how a business

person could be sure a particular business coach

was right for them.

Klemeyer answered, “I’d look at what training

they have. Have they actually studied? How much

does that coach invest in their own training on an

annual basis? Also investigate their track record

with similar businesses.”

Klemeyer added that a good coach also needs to

mesh with the client. There needs to be synergy,

compatibility and a resonance. That

said, he also believes that many

relationships work best when

there is some contrast

in personalities. This



provides alternate

v i e w p o i n t s ,



bring more

creativity to

the coaching.


| JUNE 2015 |