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Points to Keep In Mind When

Starting a Business

Soar to Success asked Jack,

since he’s “the guy to know when

you want to grow your business”

to share two tips for successful

entrepreneurs to consider when

starting or growing a business. He

advised, “

Stand out, be different


don’t do what everyone else is

doing. Ask yourself the question,

Why would a prospective client or

customer, choose to do business

with me? Secondly, have clear goals

and completely understand your

particular target market.”

Jack shared that frequently small

business owners are afraid to

choose a narrow target market

because they don’t want to leave

anyone out. He went on to say “The

irony is the narrower you limit it the

more business you have.

People see your business and

see you are having success

and they will say ‘well I know

you only work with albino

nurses but would you work

with somebody like me?’ And

then you can choose to work

with them or not.”



| JUNE 2015 |