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hink that just because you work alone

that you’ll never get to take a real

vacation? Think again!

For most people that work a regular 9-5 job,

vacation time is part of the benefit package.

Unfortunately, when you work for yourself,

taking time off can seem like a dream that will

never come true. The good news is that you can

and SHOULD take time off. You need to take

the time to recharge your own batteries so that

you can be good for your clients and customers

as well as your family and friends. Taking a

vacation doesn’t just happen though. You need

to do a few things to make sure your time off is

relaxing and relatively stress-free. Here are my

tips for pulling that off.

First, you need to plan and work ahead. Think

about what will normally need to happen during

your planned time off. Do you normally post to

social media? Do you normally have a blog post

or newsletter that needs to be released?

for Taking

Time Off

When You



These are things that can be scheduled in

advance so that they happen right when they

normally would. Perhaps having the illusion

that you’re working is exactly what you want

to avoid. If you want to completely stay off the

grid - that’s ok too.

Next, you need to communicate to your clients

and customers that you will be away. Set their

expectations for your time away. Will you be

checking email? Voice mail? Should they not

expect to hear from you at all during that time?

How do they handle emergencies? Trust me,

they will understand and appreciate your need

to vacation or get away.

Speaking of how they should handle things.

Do you have a back up in place? Will someone

cover for you? Do you have an assistant that

can handle minor things for you?

By Holly Kile





| JUNE 2015 |

Core Business Strategies