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Holly Kile uses her extensive background in operations management, systems

analysis/implementation and strategic business marketing, to work with business

owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with figuring out how to effectively

achieve their business vision. As a result of working with Holly, her clients are able

to access multiple opportunities for growth and realize previously unrecognized


In 2013, in response to the needs of her community, Holly launched A2I Business

Consulting-her elite business coaching program wherein she works with

entrepreneurs one on one to co-create comprehensive growth strategies to move

them from “accidental” business owners to intentional” industry experts who

enjoy profitable and thriving businesses!

I recommend that you train someone on at

least the basics so that if things do crop up

they can be handled right away.

Finally, don’t forget to set your out of office on

your email and voicemail. Let people know

the dates you’ll be out and set the expectation

for when they will hear from you. If you have

someone else they can speak to, provide the

alternate contact info.

Now that you’ve done all these things, the only

thing left for you to do is to unplug, relax and

enjoy! Thanks for tuning in. For more business

solutions, be sure to join me at CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY VIDEO EPISODES


| JUNE 2015 |

Core Business Strategies