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operates just like retail and food franchises that we

encounter every day and a great way to ultimately

grow your bottom line in a very powerful way.

To recap our five ways – continue the 1:1 and raise

your prices, shift to a group setting that works best

for you, create digital and on-demand programs

for passive revenue or create passive revenue ei-

ther through certification programs or franchises.

Be sure to come back next month when we’ll shift

from talking about how to make more money in

your business to how to keep more money in your


Holly Kile works with professional coaches and work-at-home

entrepreneurs to help them create more time, energy and money

through leveraging the power of virtual tools and teams. Using

her extensive background in operations management, systems

analysis/implementation and strategic business marketing, Holly

works with business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle

with figuring out how to effectively achieve their vision for their

business. Holly is the president of HJK Global Solutions and founder

of Connect Coaching Academy.

Connect with her a

t HJK Global Solutions

and on

Or learn more from her

Video series




NOV. 2015


Core Business Strategies