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Your Audience

on Social

Do you know what your target

audience needs? Do you know if

the content you are putting on

social media right now matters

to them at all? Do you know if

your target audience is even

seeing your posts? Defining your

audience will allow you to

answer these questions and


Defining your target

audience is the best first

step to building your

social media strategy.

You need to be clear

about who you want to

talk to before you can

communicate with them!

To create that audience

definition, ask yourself:



Who is my perfect customer?



What are they like? (age,

interests, gender)



What are their concerns?



What do they need?

You may find that you have 2 or

3 distinct audience groups and

that is ok, just make sure you

keep them separate. You want to

have groups that are very tightly


The better you can understand

your audience, the better you

can connect with them and give

them what they want and need.

Spend the time to really describe

them and then use that as your

filter when making decisions for

content. Ask yourself if this is

something they would care about

or find interesting or helpful. If the

answer is no, then don’t waste

your time or theirs by posting it!

When deciding which social

channels to post to, look at where

your target customer spends their

time. Where are they already?

Also think about what types of

information your target customer

would like to see and how they like

it delivered. In some cases your

message may be links to articles

- which is good for Facebook or

Twitter. In other cases you might

want to give your content in

images - which would be great for

Pinterest. Or create videos for

By Lynne Wilson




NOV. 2015


Core Business Strategies