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Being An

Entrepreneur is a

Personal Growth


As entrepreneurs, we frequently have to get out of our

comfort zones in order to truly grow our business. It

might be something simple like going to a networking

meeting that we are nervous about or following up with

a prospect on the phone. On the other hand, it could

be something bigger, like being bold enough to create

a video series. Many people are hesitant to do these

things because they worry that they may be judged, hear

the word “no”, embarrass themselves and/or a whole

litany of other beliefs. These circumstances provide the

perfect opportunity to reflect and find the beliefs that

are creating limiting thoughts and move beyond them.

Other personal growth opportunities come when our

businesses are experiencing a down cycle. I’ve seen

many entrepreneurs think this is the time to throw in

the towel and run back to the safety of a job. It may be

for some, but maybe instead, it is the perfect time to

really dig in and see what you are made of and quite

possibly release beliefs about “failure.” Possibly you

need to tweak your business so that the market more

readily embraces your product or service, maybe you

need to shift your marketing, or maybe you need a

coach to help you see something you don’t see. Be

sure to read

Cindy Allen Stuckey’s article ab

out knowing

when you need a coach.

Enjoy all the articles in this issue and don’t forget to take

advantage of the links provided.

Pat Altvater

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