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Is Holiday Stress


By Deitra Hickey

Though it may seem as though

holiday stress is inevitable, in

actuality, you are in control

of your stress management. I

admit, the holiday season brings

a whirlwind of gift-giving tasks,

in-your-face-marketing, holiday

parties and activities galore and

it all begins earlier and earlier

each year which often makes us

feel less and less prepared.

While this season is meant

to bring feelings of love and

cheer, it’s also the harbinger of

holiday stress for many. In fact,

the research shows that more

than 80% of us find the holiday

season to be “somewhat or very

stressful”. So how do we avoid

wanting to pull our hair out and

instead, bring the joy back into

the holidays?

First, we need to identify what

causes our holiday stress as

it may look different among

individuals. Finding out what

triggers your holiday stress is the

first step towards implementing


Most people stress because

they are Doing TOO Much




done and what you desire to

complete is imperative. If you

have too much on your plate,

even enjoyable activities can

leave us feeling frazzled rather

than fulfilled. For example, if you

usually become overwhelmed

by a flurry of baking, caroling,

shopping, sending cards, visiting

relatives and other activities that

leave you exhausted by January,

you may want to examine your

priorities, pick a few favorite

activities and really enjoy them,

while skipping the rest.

Eating and drinking toomuch




moderation! With all of the

holiday parties and gatherings,

we tend to eat and drink more

than normal as the holidays

approach. Not only does an

over-indulgence make us feel

sluggish after the fact; weight-

gain during the holiday months

is extremely common and it

often adds to our guilty and

stress-related feelings.

Spending and shopping too


Finding your balance with

spending may also help with

your holiday stress. I am not

necessarily referring to simply

the financials (even though

going in debt doesn’t help with

stress levels) but rather, the

abundance of time it takes to

purchase gifts for all of the

people in your lives. Consider

focusing on the children and

having a conversation with

friends and co-workers about

doing a holiday lunch or dinner

together in lieu of exchanging

gifts. Or, putting your money

together to donate to a charity

or sponsor a family. Both of



NOV. 2015


Personal Growth Strategies