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For argument sake let’s say Sam is the greatest

sales person of all time. In fact the Sam I am

thinking of IS one of the greatest salespeople

of all times. Initially, Sam is no different than

any other salesperson in that he presents the

product he is selling. Take note: Sam did not

ask permission to present his product he simply

made the presentation without making the

request to do so. Had Sam asked permission he

would have given the prospect the opportunity to

say NO. Permission is defined as: authorization

granted to do something; formal consent.

Most salespeople will agree that it is a rare

occasion that the prospect is immediately


to purchase the product or service being offered.

If it were, cold calling would be the favored tool

of all salespeople instead of dreaded by many.

Sam in fact was rejected, but his persistence

afforded the prospect alternatives and solutions

to facilitate the process. Successful persistence

is characterized by several techniques:

Research Based –

Each time a prospect puts

up a wall they give you the opportunity to learn

something new about their needs. Return

with a revitalized approach to demonstrate

your confidence to be the solution to their


• Value Based

– Customers purchase on price

as it is related to the value demonstrated to

them. A prospect that rejects their purchase

solely on cost has not been afforded the

value of the proposition.

• Managing Customer Expectations

Overselling products/services compromises

the integrity of the salesperson and the


• Objective focused

– Keep in mind a long-

term relationship is the ultimate goal. Mutual

respect and a positive rapport with the

customer are the ingredients to building that


• Contact Variability –

Face to face is not the

only form of persistence. In the technological

age we live in the salesperson must utilize all

opportunities of technological advances to

keep them at the forefront of the prospect’s


Once the salesperson has determined that

all avenues have been exhausted without the

prospects commitment and the relationship

has developed over time, “Pushing” to finalize

the sale is imperative. Pushing resembles

persistence in that it must always be inspired

by innovative solutions, but it always ends as

a request to finalize the sale. Sam exhausts

every alternative imaginable and each time he

“pushes” his prospect to buy.

• Objections must be met

- No one will

purchase if they have a legitimate concern

that isn’t met. This takes digging deep to

resolve their problem.

• Focus on the solution not the problem

The problem is a negative for the customer

so the solution should always be where their

focus is guided.

• Narrow the Options

– Don’t assume they will

arrive at your solution to their problem. Guide

them to the solution that you are proposing.

• Product/Service Demonstration

– Whenever

possible sampling a product or service can often

be the final closure to the sale as it was in Sam’s


You might have figured out by now that Salesman

Sam, referenced here within is the character

from the Dr. Seuss book, “Green Eggs and Ham”.

In fact Sam practiced Persistence 20 times in this

children’s book and Pushing was evidenced 11

times when he directly asked for the order. The

final strategy used was product demonstration,

which finalized the sale of Green Eggs and Ham

for Sam the Salesman. He NEVER requested

permission, only for the prospects purchase.

Sales Strategy by Dr. Seuss

Permission has no place in the Sales Process…

Persistence and Pushing ARE the Sales Process!

By The Merit Group



NOV. 2015


Business Acceleration Strategies