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ochelle Forrest

is not only an author,

speaker and coach, she is the founder


“Tummies, Minds and Spirits,”


foundation to bring positive energy

and light to oppressed areas. While

speaking and working with her private clients,

she shares her light to ignite their path and

helps them gain balance with their body, mind

and spirit.

Rochelle began her career in the medical

field as a nurse and because of her own life

experiences became a holistic health coach.

Throughout the ups and downs of her life she

realized there was a need for her services.

Later, she realized an even larger need existed

in other parts of the world and she founded,

“Tummies, Minds and Spirits.”

Rochelle was raised as a Catholic, but she didn’t

feel she fit in the traditional religious model.

She began to feel she was serving from an

empty cup.

“Being raised with the idea of praying as an

action, drove me, but I came to realize that my

vision was not goal-oriented or driven. I came

to understand that my mission, vision and

purpose are what drive my whole life. When

I relax and accept life’s challenges, the power

to move through life and achieve happiness,

becomes greater and my light shines brightest.”



Shines Her Light




NOV. 2015


Feature Article