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Rochelle said,

“Indy Biz TV Shows gives me a chance to share my

journey, through social media and word of mouth.”

Rochelle isalsoavailablefo


to spread her concept of light and improvement of

minds and the spirits of people around the world.

Even when Rochelle’s path seems to be taking a

wrong turn, she takes the positive approach and

uses it as a learning experience on the journey to

reach her ultimate goals.

Through life’s trials and errors comes wisdom.

Rochelle continues to learn and appears to be in a

good place in her life right now.

“I am finally to a point in my life, that I like who I am.

I’m not trying to be who everyone else wants me

to be or working on someone else’s agenda. It’s

a very humbling place to be in my life right now. I

realize that each day, I make better decisions. I’m

gentler on myself and understand that through

love, I am attracting healthier and more pleasing

things in my life”

She does not become overly concerned if someone

is being critical of what she is trying to accomplish

with her life. She has surrounded herself with a

strong group of friends and associates that she

trusts to keep her on the right path.

You can learn more about Rochelle’s teaching and

philosophy in her book “

Re-Ignite Your Inner Light.” A companion workbook is also available on Amazon.

She also hosts master-mind groups that discuss

problems, as well as, concerns and explore

methods to expand each individual’s light to better

enjoy this journey, we call life.

Reach out to Rochelle a

nd learn more about

her coaching program, foundation or speaking

opportunities, at her website

. Also visit Tummies

Minds and Spirits online.


Soar to Success magazine’s website

to listen

to the complete transcription of our interview with

Rochelle that formed the basis for this article.



NOV. 2015


Feature Article