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Rochelle has surrounded herself with like-

minded individuals that are successful in their

own careers to help her “Soar to Success.” She

believes there are three core beliefs that are

recognizable in every successful person.

First the person has to have a strong belief in

themselves, as well as, belief in a higher power.

Rochelle’s own message is based on belief of a

supreme authority and the freedom of thought

that accompanies that acceptance.

Second the person must have a desire to serve


“I have seen it over and over again, we reap what

we sow. Every person that devotes their life to

giving becomes richer and their personal life be-

comes much more enjoyable.”

A true “Heart of Gratitude” is the third and

possibly most important component for

every person that has a business or personal

relationships with her.

She believes that every person that is grateful for

the people and things in life expands a positive

energy and blocks negativity. She truly believes

that she can change the world and each person

can make a difference.

“If I exude happiness and bring others into my

circle that are grateful for the things in their life

also, we can grow that positive feeling, like the

proverbial snowball, not only in our community,

but around the world. When I am showing

gratitude for my life and the people I work with,

I open my mind to learn faster and make better


What It Takes To Soar To Success



NOV. 2015


Feature Article