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The Internet of Things or IoT.

The concept of the Internet of Things

is to embed electronic sensors into any

physical objects, allowing them to be controlled

via the internet. This includes everything

from mobile phones to refrigerators, washing

machines and even cars. It can help with things

like increased efficiency and new business

opportunities. Today there are approximately

10 billion connected devices – IoT opens

a door to new business opportunities as

customers need new devices and services in

their everyday lives.


3D Printing.

You might not have ever

considered that 3D printing could be of

use, partly because we are so accustomed

to the traditional way of printing 2D materials

such as posters and flyers. The main benefits

for businesses are increased productivity

and creative, customizable new designs. 3D

printing can be used to speed up the creation

of product prototypes and provide for faster

product-development cycles.


The Enterprise Cloud.


are now familiar with cloud computing,

many using it for data storage and

synchronization. But the enterprise cloud

offers more flexibility and scalability than

regular cloud computing and is noted for cost

efficiency and security. Nowadays, businesses

require faster innovation, remote access,

and better cross-product integration. This is

where the enterprise cloud comes in; to deliver

cost savings and provide better security to

accommodate business growth. You’ll want to

adopt the enterprise cloud to gain advantage

over your competitors.


Intelligence Tools

By Jeanne DeWitt

Technology is always on the move today and no matter what industry you work in, it’s important to

implement the right tools to support your business strategy and growth.

Technology is having an enormous impact on business. That’s why you should always be on the lookout

for new technology trends to adapt to your needs. Here are 3 business intelligence tools you need to

know about.