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OCT. 2015


Core Business Strategies



Mi s t a k e




Every Day

By Joan Washburn

Every entrepreneur I have ever

known by their very nature, sees

opportunities all around them.

They notice ways to make

things better, meet a need, or fix

a problem.

However, this acute awareness

can become their greatest

weakness if not kept in check.

Often it’s not a lack of ideas

that keeps them from achieving

things, but having TOO MANY

ideas to choose from! There

are just so many shiny things to

distract us!

But not all that glitters is gold.

Shiny Object Syndrome is the

tendency to get distracted by

new thoughts and ideas, and

never focus on or complete

anything. It’s a state of constant

distraction where we continually

lose ourselves in imagination

and dreaming, instead of

seeing the bigger picture and

accomplishing our goals.

You’ve experienced it,

I am sure. It looks like this:

• In the middle of a challenging

project, you decide to check

your email, peruse a favorite

newsfeed, Facebook, Twitter

or check your text messages.

An hour later you go back

to the project and have to

reorient yourself as to where

you where before you can


• You are always ready to take

on a new project, even if your

workload is heavy, because

the allure of a new challenge

is just more than you can

resist. There’s such great

energy and excitement in

starting something new!

• You are constantly starting

new ideas only to move on

to the next one as soon as

implementing the first idea

gets difficult. For example,

you start a new workout

program, then drop it for the

latest craze, never reaching

your original fitness goal.

Basically, you constantly start

things, but often don’t finish

them before you are off on the

next Shiny Object.

Sound Familiar?

Don’t worry, it’s not fatal, but

it can cause you to fill up your

day with busyness, not focused

on or accomplishing anything

that moves you toward an

important goal. You waste

countless hours and dollars in

pursuit of a new shiny object

when you haven’t thought

through whether this new item,

technique, service or product is

“right” for your business or your


When we are chasing after

shiny objects instead of taking

focused action toward what’s

important to us, we become

frustrated, disappointed in

ourselves, and downright weary.

At the end of the day we begin

to question our commitment

and even the goal or dream we

started out for in the beginning

Again, don’t worry - it’s not fatal!

Here are some very effective

steps you can take to avoid

being distracted by Shiny

Objects once and for all.

I call them the 3 C’s.