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Have you seen the Sea Lions that hang out

around Newport, Oregon? It’s fascinating.

There are platforms right off a pier in a

fishing marina where the male sea lions

roam looking for food. There were over 100

there the day we visited.

The front raft had one sea lion on it – the

Alpha. The others had loads of them

mounded on top of each other sleeping.

However, there was no rest for the alpha.

He spent his time fighting off the others that

attempted to join him on his platform.

Not one was successful in the twenty

minutes that we were observing

this entertaining example of alpha


It made me think about a small

business owner mistake that The

Merit Group, in the feature article this month, call “self-sufficiency.”

Trying to do it all on your own

without getting assistance. That is also

exhausting, just like being the alpha sea

lion. Don’t be a lone sea lion. Don’t attempt

to be self-sufficient. Put a team in place to

assist you so you can avoid exhaustion and

perform at your best. I’ve made that one of

my goals for this month, how about you?

Enjoy the articles in this issue and don’t

forget to take advantage of the links



is Exhausting


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