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OCT. 2015


Personal Growth Strategies


Rochelle Forrest

Do you have a vision statement that

wakes you up in the morning? Does

it guide your life? Do you dream

about it at night?

Have you thought about creating

a vision statement for yourself? It

is a very powerful step to help you

to fulfill your purpose and achieve

your goals.

When you create your own vision

statement, you will define your

WHY, WHAT, and HOW. For

example, for my foundation,

Tummies Minds Spirits, the vision of

“love the bug” is a global symbol of


Here are three steps to create a vision statement that

you can implement now:

Discover your purpose.

You can’t have a vision

without a purpose. So you don’t know yours yet? All

you need to do is take some time figure it out. Why

are you here on this earth? Dig deep and identify

what is easy for you. What are your strengths? Spend

time in nature or quiet solitude to meditate on these


Write down your vision.

Once you uncover

and discover your purpose, you need to identify what

you’re going to do in service of it. That’s your vision.

Committing your vision to paper or a vision board

is an essential action. It gives life to your vision and

a responsibility for you to take action to bring it into

fruition. If not now… when? When is now a good


Spread your news

. When you own your vision

statement and share it with others, it helps you to get

clear on your Why! Then the How starts showing up.

Before you know it you will be living your dreams!

Be sure to

download my free eBook at my website a


check out my videos on

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Creating Your

Life Vision