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The vision for their business is

to be the citadel of hope and

strategy for people, all over the

world, that are thinking about

starting a business, growing

a current business or getting

their business back on track

when they are stuck.

Shamara and Terry have some

big plans for the future of The

Merit Group. In order to take

their business to the global

entity they want to be, they

will be launching the ‘Merit

School of Entrepreneurship’ in

early 2016. The Merit Group

typically sees five to six clients

per day, but with the new

school curriculum and training

program, they will be providing

guidance directly or indirectly

to 15-20 people for a 16-week


Terry and Shamara will be

teaching some of the courses

plus they have several trained

affiliate teachers to help. The

students will learn from their

proprietary program, the

Business Engineering System.

A student will come in with

an idea and at the end of

the program walk out with a

workable business model.

Students will strategically plan

a business, apply business

development techniques,

learn how to communicate

and take that brand to market,

all the while being trained by

entrepreneurs that have first-

hand experience as business


Soar to Success asked Shamara

and Terry what the two biggest

errors they have found that

prospective business owners

make when starting a new


They believe the first mistake is

not taking the crucial planning

step to adequately and

strategically plan their business

development process.

A new business owner

must plan each step to

assure the success of the

business. They must know

their income streams, what

value each stream brings to

the target market, what the

distribution channel is and the

manufacturing structure. These

are just a few of the many items

that must be built into each

start-up plan.


starts out

being a

Steve Jobs

or Oprah.”




OCT. 2015


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