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Every entrepreneur must

know their strengths and

weaknesses and understand

the opportunities and threats

to their business as well as

understand what makes them

unique in the market place.

The second big misstep

happens once the business

is up and running; it’s


The solo entrepreneur always

thinks they can do everything

on their own. That is just not

true. Every business owner

needs to understand their skill

set and what produces the

most income. They need to

analyze the various segments

of their business and hire

others to do the non-income

or lower-income producing

segments, that are not worthy

of their time. The Merit Group

shares that this is where they

see many small business

owners fail.

Both Shamara and Terry are

excited with where their

business is right now. They

have created a life that they

are proud of and a business

that is changing people’s lives

for the better. It’s pure joy to

them, when they help someone

that, for example, has had a

business idea for 15 years and

within six months of working

with The Merit Group, has put

their idea into action.

Shamara Cox and Terry

Dove Pittman have a true

passion for helping budding

entrepreneurs turn their ideas

into working business models

as well as helping experienced

entrepreneurs stepping up to

the next level of success.

They really are business doulas

building businesses and

innovating brands.

For more information about the

Merit Group visit:

Once there, click on the tab at

the top of the screen for a free

strategy session with Shamara

and Terry to help you turn your

ideas into a viable, productive

and profitable business


Also, be sure to go to our Soar to Success website to listen to

the full interview with The Merit





OCT. 2015