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By Jamie Sue Johnson


Are Sick Care

Costs Going






fter attending a conference on Employee

Benefits for manufacturing companies

last month, it was no surprise that

employers are faced with rising insurance

costs. Many employers have been seeing 10,

20, 30+% increases year after year, making

Employee Benefits for insurance the second

largest line item on your P&L next to salaries.

If this is not bad enough, insurance carriers

are no longer accepting a 16-28% participation

in your wellness programs, they are expecting

participation to increase or your insurance fees

will continue to increase.

Consider, if you will, that unless you invest in

health care or wellness care your sick costs

could kill your business.

Live it!’s second of the 5 Pillars for Success

is fitness. This pillar not only stands for

your personal fitness; mentally, physically,

emotionally but also financially. And it is not

only about you but also the fitness of your

employees and company, physically, mentally

emotionally and financially.

There are many components to a healthy you,

a healthy company and a healthy bottom line.

We will focus on medical issues potentially

affecting you, your employees and definitely

your bottom line. The top 3 medical issues

facing Americans and their employers are:

1. Excessive weight

2. Stress related illnesses

3. Unknown issues

Obesity and being overweight are known causes

of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood

pressure, just to name a few. Stress related

issues are causing back pain, headaches,

anxiety and depression. The unknown issues

are medical issues that pop up unexpectedly

because many of our employees are not getting

regular physicals, dental and vision screenings

for early detection.

The big question is howdo you design a wellness

program that educates, inspires and motivates

the 60% of employees that could be taking

action to address their health but aren’t.

The 16-28% of folks participating in the wellness

program are the ones who are committed to

their health and wellbeing already.


| AUGUST 2015 |

Core Business Strategies