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Do You Have a LIFE

Outside Your Business?

As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably noticed

that there are plenty of resources, such as,

articles, blogs, videos and podcasts urging us to

have balance in our lives. I, for one, appreciate

this information because I love my work and

without such reminders could find myself

neglecting other aspects of my life.

However, last month was NOT one of those

times. I actuallywent ona vacation. My husband

and I took our three grandsons to Washington

D.C. and Gettysburg. I went computerless

(my Windows and Android tablets don’t count,

do they?). I didn’t work, unless you count the

speed walk up the Arlington Cemetery hill in 90

degree heat to catch the Changing of the Guard.

I was dreaming of my air conditioned office and

comfy office chair with every step I took.

I must admit though, it felt great to have a LIFE

outside of my business.

Dave Roemer, from our Columbus BizTV

Shows® network, just happened to create a

video this month addressing the very issue of

having a LIFE as a business owner. Interesting

how that happens, isn’t it? Just what you need

to hear, shows up at the exact time when you

are ready to hear it.

Go watch it NOW.


then I hope you join me in experiencing more

of LIFE. I plan to get out of my office and have

more fun; call me if you want to do lunch.


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