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“Successful people know where they

are and know where they are going.”

Successful people move towards their


We are conditioned by our surroundings.

We talk like the people we hang out with. 

I speak one language because I was raised

with one language. However, I have the

ability to learn whatever I choose. It’s a fact

that we become our environments. 95 %

of people are not living the way the want

to live and 40% of 65 year olds retire with

NO money.

That just doesn’t seem like a good plan!

We can change the way we live. We need

to start thinking for ourselves; thinking of

better ways. Remember, you are unique!

You need to stand out and stand for what

you believe in!

So many of us don’t really, truly know

ourselves. I have been tomany seminars on

the mind. I have read hundreds of books.

I have sought out teachers and mentors.

Through this educating of myself, I now

have a better awareness of and belief that

what happens in my mind does happen in

my reality.

I have been practicing in a relaxed state to

be peaceful, move with ease and grace in a

world of abundance.

I already am rich! Just a little short of

money! You can do this practice too.

So the recipe for change is:

What is Success?

By Rochelle Forrest


Decide what you want specifically.

Not just lots of money but,

$100,000 or whatever number

makes sense to you. I focus on a world

of enough. I day dream about what

that looks like, in a world that works

together. I have my visions written

down and I have vision boards too! I

read them frequently. When I focus

on what I want, the negatively cannot

over takemymind. So start by deciding

what you want and create reminders,

such as vision boards.


I think about my dreams. It’s time

for you to feel the feeling of having

it all! When a person around you

is negative, someone that lives in the

“you Cant’s”, for example, reject their

thoughts! I don’t go to an unhealthy

doctor to get health advice, do you?

I don’t listen to people who have no

idea what I am born to do! Don’t let

your outer circumstance control your

possibilities! Just keep feeling what

it will be like when you achieve your


Step out of fear and move in the

direction of your dreams by first

deciding what you want and then

feeling as if you already have it. That’s

the fasted route to success! If you’d

like more information,

visit my website

also watch th

e video on this topic.


| AUGUST 2015 |

Business Acceleration Strategies