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She helps businesses highlight that

advantage to gain a competitive edge.

Cindy spent ten years in elementary

education after graduation from college,

teaching kindergarten and first grade.

When her son was born, she resigned from

teaching and found a job with a sales firm

and she soon found a whole business world

that she knew nothing about.

She was able to combine her teaching skills

inside the business world to break down

training programs to track various behavioral

changes and learned skills. She did this in a

manufacturing plant to improve production.

Her background includes working in HR,

organizational development and training

mostly, in three global manufacturing

organizations, Cummins Inc., Keihin IPT

Manufacturing, and Knauf Insulation USA.

Throughout her corporate career, she was

able to bring all of her educational and

training expertise to help the business grow

and the people to enhance their work skills.

The corporate world began to lose it allure

and she decided that her skill set was also

neededby small tomediumsizedbusinesses.

Five years ago she resigned from Knauf and

struck out on her own. Making Performance

Matter was the result.

Stuckey has seen her company grow and

evolve over the years.

When she first started out she was providing

a broad range of human resource solutions

for her clients, especially training and


She found that many small to mid-sized

companies did not have proper training

practices in place and due to legal issues

involved, also needed help establishing

policies and procedures.


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