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Making Performance Matter started

in that area of HR and over time has

also added business coaching for even

smaller businesses and individual

entrepreneurs. She said:

“As I evolved and Making Performance

Matter evolved, I started realizing that at

times I was serving as a business coach.

As I built trust and rapport within the

organizations I was working with, then

other things started coming to light that

happened to be going on there. I was

able to serve as a coach/consultant and

I loved that piece. If you think about it, it

still is all about helping people see their

potential. “

This is what Stuckey enjoys most about

her current career path. Helping small

business owners realize the correct

answers and path to solve problems

and then putting the processes in place

to improve the business.

It isn’t much different from when she

worked with those first graders and got

to see their eyes light up and come to

the realization, oh my gosh, I really can

do this!

Cindy has a vision for Making

Performance Matter which involves

empowering businesses to manage

their business plan.

Being able to strategize, set goals and

then execute them tomove the business

forward. Many small businesses may

only include a handful of employees,

but everyone has to be on board with

established goals and they have to be

managed daily.

If the employees are not in line with the

overall goal, then they will fail.

She can help train, inform, and manage

the business plan from conception to

implementation. She also specializes in Leadership

Training and enjoys providing workshops or keynotes

for groups of people from a single company

to individuals from a Chamber, other group or


One of the key pieces of advice that Cindy gives to all

of her clients is,



| AUGUST 2015 |