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3 Traits of People Who

Soar to Success

When asked to name the three traits that she

identifies with successful business people,

she first mentioned a Passion for what they

are doing. They have to be so passionate

about what they are doing that they eat sleep

and breathe the job. It becomes part of their


Second, they need to be Coachable. They

must be open to considering alternate ideas

and methods. It is very easy for business

people to come up with a new idea, but they

may need to run it by an advisory board

before implementing it or accept some

change to make it work properly.

They need to be able to really listen and

accept the coaching or advice.

Third, every entrepreneur needs to separate

his/her Passion for their business from the

managerial or practical side. They need to

be able to take the emotion out of business

decisions. Again this is an area where an

outside consultant or adviser can help and

take the un-emotional side of the argument

to make sound business decisions.

These last two involve surrounding yourself

with trusted and valuable advisers. It comes

back to her original comment,”

“You Can’t Do It All and Do It Well.”


You need a team of experts. Most solo

entrepreneurs, however, don’t have the resources

to hire outside help and try to do too much on their

own. She admits that she has been guilty of this

mistake, but learned it is much more expensive to

try to do too much yourself than bite the bullet and

hire outsiders to do some of the more mundane

parts of the job.

Business owners that do that miss opportunities

because they don’t have enough time left over

to focus on sales or networking. This results in a

huge cost for a small business.

Cindy works diligently with her clients to put a

value on what they are actually doing versus what

they are missing and what they should be doing in

their business.

She feels the best value she brings to her small

business clients is the ability to identify and assess

the various pieces of the business and make them

fit into the whole.

To quantify what each segment is worth versus

the cost and what other opportunities are being

missed. That is the strategic advantage she brings

to the table for her clients.

Cindy is very excited about the next phase of

Making Performance Matter, which involves

a processing tool to help companies develop

a business plan and then execute it. She is

also creating a virtual training program, which

will involve a Facebook group for coaching

and accountability for business owners and


Cindy is very happy outside of work. She now

has more flexibility and can spend quality time

with her husband and great niece and twin great


She has identified the important pieces in her life,

as well, and can still keep her business running


If you would like to contact Cindy for more

information about her business or have her

speak at your next meeting, visit her website:


Her office phone is: 862-269-8676 or find

her at various networking events around the

Indianapolis area.


| AUGUST 2015 |