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Keep your ideas close and only discuss

with a trusted friend or mentor until

you absolutely have all of your bases

covered from a protection standpoint.

Your intellectual property is often what

can set you apart from the competition

so it’s imperative that you protect it.

Take the necessary steps to do it in the

beginning so you aren’t sorry later.

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your business, be sure to

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Holly Kile uses her extensive background in operations management,

systems analysis/implementation and strategic business marketing, to work

with business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with figuring out how

to effectively achieve their business vision. As a result of working with Holly,

her clients are able to access multiple opportunities for growth and realize

previously unrecognized potential.

In 2013, in response to the needs of her community, Holly launched A2I

Business Consulting-her elite business coaching program wherein she

works with entrepreneurs one on one to co-create comprehensive growth

strategies to move them from “accidental” business owners to intentional”

industry experts who enjoy profitable and thriving businesses! CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY VIDEO EPISODES


| AUGUST 2015 |

Core Business Strategies