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Watch Joan’s video series

humor, empathy and the

ability to collaborate and

negotiate are all important soft

skills. Other soft skills include

situational awareness and

the ability to read a situation

as it unfolds to decide upon

a response that yields the

best result for all involved.

Successful “soft Skills” training

results in employees who

are able to create successful




colleagues and customers,

communicate effectively, and

be a contribution to their team.


works with the

client to produce concrete,

measureable results. They are

seen as a partner. Their clients

are in a good place mentally and

emotionally, and ready to receive

guidance and instruction on how

to make changes that will help

them achieve their goals.

Once you decide which specialty

is right for you, the next step is

to spend the time it takes to find

the very best fit for you! Take

advantage of free consultations

to find the right person to help

you achieve that elusive goal.

Then you’ll be able to invest

your time and money wisely!

Joan Washburn coaches busy professionals to reclaim a sense of order and

balance in their life—to essentially bring “calm to chaos” if you will.

When we are overwhelmingly busy, more often than not, our priorities fall

victim to circumstance. Her ultimate goal as a coach is for her clients to

break free of what is not working for them, discover what they really want

for their lives, then support them as they make it happen!

Connect with Joan at

Washburn Endeavours a

nd on







Core Business Strategy