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By Lynne Wilson

Do you have trouble keeping

up with creating new content?

Is it hard to come up with new

ideas all the time? What if I

told you that it’s ok to recycle

content you’ve already written-

not only is it ok, it’s a great

content marketing strategy!

Your time is a limited resource,

which is why one huge benefit

to repurposing content is that

it can save you time in the

content creation process.

Why Should You Repurpose




presenting the content in

different ways on different

platforms, you have a greater

chance of appealing to more


To TakeAdvantage of Great


Looking back you

will probably find some

content that makes you say,

“Oh yeah, that was great-

and still applies today!” You

should reuse it!

To Make the Most of Your


 It takes time to

create good content, so you

should do everything you

can to get the greatest return

on that investment!

What Type of Content Should

Be Repurposed?

Be sure to start with content that

will be the most successful when

you re-release it. So look for

evergreen content- this means

information that continues to

be relevant and valuable over

months and even years.

Look at what was popular the

first time around. What did

well? What did your audience

respond to?

Look for content that can easily

be updated. Do you have some

content that is mostly evergreen

except for a few outdated

references? Then just add a few

current pieces of information

and your content can seem

brand new again!

How Should It Be Repurposed?

Now that you have a list of items

to update, think about how you

can best use them.

Here are just a few ways to get

you started:

Update a blog post to create

a new post with new images

Turn your article into a slide

presentation to use when


Take several of your articles

that are about a similar topic

and turn them into a guide

or ebook. It can be “The

Complete Guide to (whatever

your topic is)”

Reuse image heavy content

on Pinterest or Instagram

Turn an article that’s heavy

with data/statistics into an

infographic so that people

can see your content visually.

Infographics are simple to

understand and people love

to share them!

Reuse the stats from your

content as Tweets. Create







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