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Survive a Disaster?


Disasters are a fact of life

. You can’t

control them, but you can control how your

business handles them. So what can you

do to make sure your business is ready?

You need to create a Disaster Recovery

Strategy for your business. If you have one,

give yourself a round of applause, however

if you don’t, you are in the majority.

A Disaster Recovery strategy is a plan for

restoring and accessing your data in the

event of a disaster that destroys part or all

of a business’s resources. The job of a good

Disaster Recovery plan is to ensure that

whatever happens, your vital data can be

recovered and mission-critical applications

can be brought back online in the shortest

possible time.

So why does your business need Disaster

Recovery? Regardless of industry or size,

when an unforeseen event takes place

that causes your day-to-day operations

to come to a halt, you will need to recover

as quickly as possible to ensure you can

continue providing services to clients and

customers. If major business disruptions

are not anticipated and addressed, it’s

very possible that negative consequences

like late invoicing, lost orders, missed

delivery dates, and so on, can have long-

term implications. By having a Disaster

Recovery plan in place you can save

yourself from multiple risks including out

of budget expenses, reputation loss, data

loss, and the negative impact on clients

and customers.


– it’s not a matter of if, but rather when. In the latest

survey by the IT Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council,

73 percent of small businesses are not prepared for a disaster.







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