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Not every work at home

opportunity is legitimate. Let’s

look at some signs that indicate

you should steer clear.

We’ve all searched online for a

work at home opportunity from

time to time. Maybe you just


you were looking for that next

great opportunity that’s going

to help you retire. Regardless of

why you’re looking, it’s important

to know the difference between

a good opportunity and a scam.

Here are three tips for telling the


The first thing you should do

when you find a work at home

opportunity is read the fine


  Know exactly what the

expectation is from you - what

kind of work do you have to do?

How often are you expected

to deliver materials? Those are

just a couple of examples. You

also need to understand what

you should expect from the

opportunity provider. Know what

the pay is based on. Find out how

often you should be paid and in

what form. I also recommend that

you find out what your expenses

are. Typically you should expect

to pay for your own internet

access and your own workspace.

However, you should know if

you have to pay for printing or

postage or other services. These

can add up quickly and if you

aren’t careful you end up paying

more than you make.

Once you’ve determined that you

want to know more and possibly

pursue an opportunity based

on the fine print,

it’s time to

spend some time on Google.

Learn as much as you can about

the opportunity provider. If it’s

a person, find out what you can

ByHolly Kile

Watch Out for the Work At Home Scams







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