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Do You Believe In


The underlying reason most people fail to achieve the

goals or intentions they’ve set for themselves is their

lack of belief. If you don’t believe in either yourself, your

ability to achieve your goals, and your product/service,

no amount of willpower will motivate you to take the

consistent action necessary to reach your goals.

But belief will.

It’s been proven that our beliefs become our reality.

So as you contemplate the plans and intentions you’ve

decided upon for 2016, check in to see your level of belief

in your ability to achieve your goals. Ask yourself what it

would take to throw you off course. Take an honest look

at your answers. Then decide what needs to change.

To build up belief, start with small actions that will lead

you to achieve your goals ultimately. Take some chances

and don’t be afraid to fail or be rejected (great tips in

Diane Helbig’s article)

. Remember the most successful

people throughout history have become that way, not

because they didn’t fail, but because they persevered

(be sure to read

Leanne Cannon’s article).

They believed

in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals. I

want that for you.

We have a great variety of content this month; I hope

you discover tips, tools and strategies you can use to

achieve your goals and intentions.

Pat Altvater

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