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Creating Supportive Therapies

that Fill the Gap

Have you heard of treating side effects of medical

procedures with supportive therapies? We hadn’t

until becoming acquainted with Author, Speaker and

Nurse Practitioner, Debra Reis, MSN.

She shared

with us that as a nurse, she had been working in

clinical settings and had witnessed first-hand the

many wonders that modern medicine creates every

day. However, even with the advanced diagnostics

and scientifically educated doctors and medical

professionals, she felt that there was a piece missing.

Deb realized that the missing piece for her was that,

even though the professional was doing really great

with the physical aspect, modern medical practices

did not treat the whole person. She realized that

Doctors learn scientific methods of diagnosis and

treatment, but do not address the emotional,

mental, and spiritual facets of who we are.

In 1995, Deb began to ask the question, “

Why don’t

we treat these other aspects of the body, as well as, the

physical aspect?

Once she began to consider the whole of each

person, a new world opened up to her.

The holistic idea of treating mind, body and spirit as

an integrated approach was still in its infancy back

in 1995 when Deb had her realization and certainly

was not a common practice. It has evolved and

today a much greater awareness exists, plus many

organizations and institutions, realizing the benefits,

want to include them into their health plans.

Deb shared that, as a holistic health coach, she

meets with each client individually to determine

the correct program to pursue. Together with

the patient, she reviews their goals and devises a

wellness plan that fits their needs.







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