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Business owners are also salespeople; it can be

hard to sell your product or service. I believe it’s

because our business is our baby. Trying to sell

our product/service is like being a Mom asking,

“Isn’t my baby beautiful?” You run the risk that

the person will say “no.” Let’s be honest – your

ego is riding on the answer. So, what can you do

to overcome this problem and master sales?

The first thing to do is take a giant step back

and get unemotional

. It’s not whether your

baby is beautiful; it’s whether you have a solution

to their problem. When you shift your focus to

the prospect and NOT your product or service,

you can look at the situation more objectively.

Unemotionally, ask yourself – how does my

product/service help my client – you’ll get an

unemotional answer. If the prospect doesn’t

have that problem, or doesn’t believe he has that

problem, you will not be able to sell him your

solution. He isn’t saying your product/service is

bad; he’s saying he doesn’t need it.

Now that you have a better understanding of the

value your product/service brings to your clients

you can seek out more qualified prospects. One

of the reasons we get ourselves caught up in

the ugly baby mode is because we prospect too

broadly. Somewhere down the road, someone

told us that prospecting is a numbers game; that

we have to cold call a lot of companies or people

to get to the few who might give us an ear. No

wonder we feel like we’re being judged!

When you try to ‘sell’ to someone who has no

interest in your product or service – and you do

it in large numbers – you are setting yourself up

for an ego hit. The vast majority of people are

NOT going to want what you have to offer. You

are going to feel like they are telling you your

baby is ugly.

On the flip side, if you do your research and

reach out to those companies/people that

mirror your current clients, you are more likely

to make a connection. Yes, there will most likely

be fewer prospects to call. That’s okay because

these prospects are qualified. Calling for the

sake of calling is a waste of time in my opinion.

Reaching out to those who have the potential

for turning into clients is time well spent.

How to Take the

Emotion Out

of Sales

By Diane Helbig







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