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Your values, vision and brand

commitment form the basis

for your culture and your way

of developing and managing

your people. The best form of

management begins with hiring

the right people – people who

are aligned with your culture

and brand.

Then, as a leader and manager,

you must successfully influence

and mentor, so that the great

people you hire become even

greater ongoing partners in your

business because they are so

committed to the shared values

of the company. Yes, think of

your employees as partners –

owners of their responsibilities.

The employees you want in

your organization are looking

for meaning more than they’re

looking for money. A culture

of ownership provides that for

them. The company and their

positions within it make their

lives richer because they care as

much as you do.

It all begins with establishing

a clear set of company values.

Having those in place allows

your people (partners) to more

easily “buy-in.” Here is how you

do that:

Review your personal core


Review your list of

personal core values (if you’ve

been following along with my



blog posts,

you have

this list completed.) This list

is more than just words, but

includes the meaning of each

word and an example of how it

is applied.

Describe your vision of a

healthy business culture.


as vivid and detailed as possible.

Don’t worry if there’s a gap

between where your business

is today and how you imagine it

could be one day. Creating this

document is the beginning of

closing that gap.

Create a document describing

your company values.


the detailed description of a

healthy business culture you’ve

created, go back and pull out

the most important words and

organize them under the four

categories of values, I discussed


n one of my blog posts.


are Foundational, Functional,

Relational and Embodied values.

Pick the top three that you

believe are the most important

to form your foundation. Be

sure you have a definition in

place for each word – this helps

people know if they’re living the

value the way you expect them

to and you personally do.

Your document reflecting your

company values, in a clearly

defined and well-written format,

is one of the most important

By Michael Kaplan

Creating a Culture

of Ownership







Business Acceleration Strategies