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The patient’s current lifestyle, eating habits, and

exerciseprogramall are considered. She also reviews

the stress factors in their life and offers treatment

options to integrate into a complete wellness plan.

Deb finds tremendous satisfaction from what she

does, especially when she begins to work with

someone for the first time. She enjoys learning

their problems, creating a plan of treatment and

then experiencing a successful outcome.

Helping people improve their quality of life is

what I enjoy most.”

Deb tackles the difficult cases, as well as, the more

common maladies. She works frequently in an

organizational setting with cancer patients. Her

supportive therapies have created tangible benefits

for her patient’s overall health and wellness.

One place that you can find Deb is The Victory

Center in

Toledo, OH

. It is a community center that

caters to people undergoing cancer treatment.

They offer a variety of therapies directed towards

treating the whole person.

One plan might provide massage, energy work,

healing touch or reflexology. The center also offers

aromatherapy and support groups and classes.

They have a variety of services and there is no

charge for any of them.

Readers can use this

link to view a video t


outlines Deb’s work at the Victory Center.

Deb’s vision is to expand into more health care

organizations. Shehas found, that even today, health

care providers don’t understand how to integrate

holistic programs into their everyday practice.







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