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She finds it exciting to share with other health

care organizations the tools that have worked

and demonstrate how they can be incorporated

into that organization’s treatment plans. Deb

created a program called STEP (Supportive

Therapy Engagement Program) that she brings

into institutions which provides a roadmap

for integrating Supportive Therapies into the

treatment plans for their patients. She develops

seminars and courses for nurses and other

medical professionals on staff to create a basic

knowledge base and build assessment skills to

determine patients’ needs on an individual basis.

Deb believes that integrating therapies which

address side effects of medical procedures is the

next STEP toward better total patient outcomes.

Deb also works as a holistic health coach with

individuals. We asked her for some advice for our

Soar to Success readers that are business owners,

who frequently feel overwhelmed and put their

own self-care last, resulting in stress and fatigue.

Deb suggested a holistic health consultation

as the first step. It helps to identify diet and

nutrition needs, sleep patterns, fitness or

stretching regimens and most importantly stress

management needs. A plan is then devised to

touch all the bases of daily living for overall health

and wellness.

For example, if one of the concerns is too much

stress, a possible solution might be meditation.

The method could be controlled breathing,

guided imagery, or visualization; there are

many options available. Even simple tasks such

as, taking a walk or walking the dog can relieve

stress. It just needs to be built into the plan and

then be done consistently.

It’s apparent that simply writing a prescription

for a single pill or particular therapy does not

consider the whole lifestyle and the problem

may persist. That is why the holistic approach

considers all aspects of a patient’s life and offers

a balanced treatment.

One of the supportive therapies that Deb teaches

and practices is NIA. It is a fusion fitness program

because it blends elements of martial arts, yoga

and dance combined in a gentle way that is easy

to follow and not hard on joints. The idea of NIA

is body awareness and body sensation. It’s not

about how much can I do or how fast can I do

it, but what feels pleasurable to my body. NIA

combined with music is enjoyable and fun and

provides a low stress workout for the body.

Essential oils are also a part of supportive

therapies that Deb recommends. After all, plants

were the first medicine, they are safe to use and

have been proven to be an effective solution

through the years. Deb has been involved with

essential oils for over 15 years. She is a certified

clinical aroma therapist and teaches the proper

use of essential oils.

She also uses essential oils in her work with

cancer patients. Effects of cancer treatments

or chronic pain can be dealt with by combining

oils with other supplements to create a balanced

treatment to restore energy.







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