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Coming from a medical background, Deb Reis

understands the need for a complete treatment

plan that includes diet and fitness combined with

supportive therapies such as Nia, essential oils

and relaxation therapies to address a patient’s

emotional, mental, spiritual, as well as, physical

condition. Her training and experience puts her in

a unique position to be able to offer her clients the

best holistic treatments available.

Learn more about Deb, her books and her S.T.E.P.

program at

. Both her email

and phone number can be found on her website.

Also visit

Deb’s speaker profile

to learn more about

the topics she presents and be sure to download

her speaker one sheet.

Also be sure to listen to our full interview with Deb found on the Soar to Success magazine website.

Soar to Success asked Deb to

identify three traits that she

found successful people exhibit.

One of the first traits is


on your goal. It is very easy to

become distracted and lose sight

of your vision. Deb’s mentors

have helped her stay on track

and continually remind her to

stay on target.

The second trait would be


. Successful people are able

to weather the ups and downs and realize

that the bad must be overcome to achieve

the good. Determination allows the successful

person to get back up and go at

it again. Determination keeps one

moving forward.

The third trait would be



Work can easily become toomuch

a part of one’s life. There has to

be a balance of fun, enjoyment

and fulfillment. A mentor once

told Deb,

“If you’re not being filled, how can

you give?”

If we are in that place of constantly giving, in

our business, as well as, at home, we must

find the balance and be sure to frequently do

something that rejuvenates and fulfills.

Three Traits Necessary to Soar to Success







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