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By Lee Drozak

Unlike your typical brick and

mortar shop you can’t physically

see who is entering your digital

space, buying your stuff or

walking on by. But Analytics

will tell you where visitors are

coming from, what pages they

are visiting and how many

decide to buy from you.

Good analytics takes the guess

work out of knowing who’s been

to your website and why. There

are plenty of options out there

to track your numbers and you

can get started with Google

Analytics for free.

Here are some questions to ask

and what to look for in your


1. Do your visitors already

know you?

Your analytics will tell you how

many people have visited your

site and can break it down into

howmany are of new or not. So if

person A visits once and person

B visits five times, you have two

new visitors and six total visits.

If your number of repeat visitors

is growing, this means that

people are visiting your site

once and then deciding to come

back again. You can take this

one step further by watching

the pages they visit so you get

to know their patterns.

2. Are you bringing in new

potential clients?

Now let’s talk about the unique

or new visitors. These numbers

are important because they

represent the size of the

audience. As you add new

content and expand your

marketing, you’ll want to see if

those efforts are working on

bringing in new people. If your

numbers are not increasing,

then you will know that you

need to rethink your strategies.

3. Are your visitors bailing

from your home page?

This is what they call the bounce

rate. People come to your

site and leave without ever

going to another page. A high

bounce rate could mean that

your website doesn’t offer the

information they were looking

for or it could be an indication

that they are confused once

they land on your site.

Remember, your goal is to have

people spend more time on

your website rather than less

and by monitoring your bounce

rate, you can determine which

pages are working to engage

those visitors.

4. Are your social efforts and

promotions working?

It’s one thing to know that people

are visiting your site and another

to knowhow they got there. That’s

where traffic source and referral

information comes in handy,

telling you specific pages and sites,

including your social channels that

send traffic your way.







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