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Lee Drozak, a WordPress Website & Digital Marketing expert, helps small

business owners and self-employed renegades by developing and designing

websites that are not only beautiful and reflect your personal brand but also

have the proper layout and coding to help you step out of the shadows and

stand out in a crowd. Lee offers a wide range of programs and services for

WordPress websites – from a one-time re-design to being your right hand for

ongoing changes and updates to your website.

Connect with Lee at her


and on

Watch Lee’s video series

These numbers will tell you if

you have a healthy balance of

organic and targeted traffic.

What is the Visitor Experience?

Finally, it’s good to know what

pages your visitors think are the

most important on your site. By

viewing your behaviors report,

you know which pages are

popular with your readers.

Take a look at your top 10

pages. These are the creme

of the crop, the ones people

look at most. Top content is

a great place to start to see

what topics are working for

you and what content needs

more work.

Analytics can be overwhelming,

but the key is to start small. Pick

a metric that matters to you and

your business and track that

one metric and try to improve

it. By focusing on only one thing

as you get started, you’ll get a

better feel for the numbers and

how you can impact them.

Watching your numbers is an

important part of improving

your website.







Core Business Strategy