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Reduce or Eliminate

Distractions While You

Work From Home

By Holly Kile

Distractions can be heightened when you

work from home.

No matter where you work, distractions are

something we have to contend with. However,

when you work from home, those focus busters

can take an even greater toll. To help you stay

focused and productive, I want to share with

you my top three tips.

The first thing I recommend that you do to

reduce those distractions is to plan your day


taking into account times when your home

office might not be so peaceful. When the kids

come home from school for example. Creating

your workflow to actually work for you instead of

against will boost productivity. One of the many

benefits of working from home is that you do

have some greater flexibility so be sure to take

advantage of that to ensure you limit productivity

busting distractions.

My second tip is that you need to be

sure to communicate your need for quie


surroundings to everyone in your home.









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