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Holly Kile works with professional coaches and work-at-home entrepreneurs to help

them create more time, energy and money through leveraging the power of virtual

tools and teams. Using her extensive background in operations management,

systems analysis/implementation and strategic business marketing, Holly works

with business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with figuring out how to

effectively achieve their vision for their business. Holly is the president of HJK Global

Solutions and founder of Connect Coaching Academy.

Connect with her at

HJK Global Solutions

and on

Watch Holly’s video series

aren’t the only ones that can be distractions.

Let children, partners and even roommates

know when you need to work and what your

expectations are. Remember though, just like

you expect them to respect your needs, you

need to allow them the same. When you say

you’ll be done, be done.

My final tip for today is to make use of an

app designed to help keep you focused and

distraction free.

There are several out there

but a couple of my favorites can be found at


, and


If you’ll implement these three strategies, I

can bet that you’ll find yourself more focused

and therefore more productive. For more tips

on working from home effectively, be sure to

watch my video series on

Indy BizTV Shows®


visit me on my blog at









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